The Apology Wars

by Blueline Medic

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Recorded by J. Robbins at Inner Ear Studios / Washington DC
Mastered by Alan Douches at West West Side Music / NJ
Artwork by David Snow


released July 16, 2001



all rights reserved


Blueline Medic Melbourne, Australia

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Track Name: Cathedral
seventy two now / and as mad as they come / but even so, now on occasion / there's a few come and help / put a crucifix, a portico just like there is at the white house / but this stain still needs more glass / I think more of red more than I could see anything else / it's one of the arguments in the cafe / for small talk of a town / I'm no engineers they say / I'm no architect they say / as if they don't already argue enough / for it's such a lonely order that I've taken for my own / that in a house you helped to build / I suppose you're guaranteed a room / how should it matter being better held together? / the rains have proved as only they can more for faith then mortar / I want it left to the diocese / but that idiot, that a bishop be so ungrateful / like it was some dislocated eyesore / so near and not to see it finished / the holy college seek only to adjust it / and put out of place my columns / but no, they wouldn't be found dead helping me to dig out the crypt / I didn't need elevations then / I'm not looking for them now / not for all the small talk in a town / neither sane nor fool enough is the good word going round / I built the cathedral almost on my own / it stands that in a house you helped to build / you're guaranteed of a place to be
Track Name: Over The Lawn
she's standing at the door and getting one thing clear / I throw the book down and march right into their eyes / I'm reduced to almost nothing now / still, I've apologised / look out / the sky is knitting / filling / creeping in / I don't think it's going to just pass us by / she stands at the door and gets her one things clear / I'm not my mother nor my aunt / so it's exactly what I mean you little fool if I say I can't / she's shouting down / over the lawn / and like an army under the door / slow advancing / how will she sleep tonight with all that commotion going on? / something's beginning to fall / it's all quiet now / there are bigger disasters / and then they're gone / into ground and gutters / and out to sea / swept along with the dirt and leaves / and back up / back into thin air
Track Name: Making The Nouveau Riche
you say I have to get a real life / but I'm not sure how that in making someone or other rich is any more real than making the niche for yourself / I'm without a zack , a truth / a coin, a kopeck or an elusive brass razoo / but my dear rationalist / don't dream I couldn't care / I too grow quickly bored of the clothes I wear / so maybe I should go and get a real life / real like cutting a fine figure / or scraping a deposit together / for if, heaven forbid / just suppose I cannot live on taxes and goodwill forever / but how is it that the problem just doesn't seem to press / while my fingers are themselves pressing hard against the neck? / I was sure that I suffered and worked as hard as anyone I knew / well it seems I haven't / I better damn well fix it and make it look every inch as though I do / but still I'll have to go and get a real life / and I've no doubt that it will happen / maybe I've put it off for too long now / gonna see if I can't get something better than a / maybe I'm amidst of a real life
Track Name: At Least We Had The War
what was I looking at when I was looking up? / remind me / what was I looking at? / remind me / you had the answer for everything / dropping from our height / we broke and aligned / so many deaths / was it almost an answer for everything? / all lines down / what do you want me to say? / comes too hard and from you too easily / don't remind me / it's almost your answer for everything / now you're sunk in your seat / the figure of platonic economy / were we always paying for that? / and like it was a matter of fact? / tell me, what were we aiming at anyway? / you're drifting slowly long with the void raging all around / you're over ground / silent / still / in coming / you always did have an answer for everything / if you still have an answer for everything / then answer me
Track Name: Not Interested
I'm being held at the end of a tether / at the edge of our yard / stretching away / the work keeps going on / but I've had enough / of being held in single blocks / singled out / a duelling occupant / pushed to vow / they say I'm old enough / but I am getting over these intercoms / she said I don;t call them back and never seem afterward to look as good as I did / I guess they're not interested / is it a wonder I'm reluctant? / is it some mere intrigue that brings them forward? / it's not as if they have to stay / they're not doing me any favours / I've had enough / they're not doing me any favours / I've had enough / she said I don't call then back / they never seem afterward to look as good as they did / they're not interesting / it's suffocating and almost shaming / the way they carry on you would think / we were the ones maintaining the old world's fading / mum and dad can't seem to get past that / I'm leaving / I don't want to upset them but / I'm leaving
Track Name: Shuffle And Scrape
I'll spend this day in a reverie / I won't focus on anything / I don't have to / I don't feel the need / look at the others with contempt or is it envy? / I'll stand in your room and all I can make out are the corners / it's enough to let me know where I stand it's the barest minimum to function / but I'll be good / I promise to do better / some things are forgotten / other things matter / something else is always proving far too strong / I guess I've been a window gazer all along / see the sparrows fly in low / there was a place you said you would take us / can we go please? / spent the day in society's refinery / unable to focus on anything / there's too much here / too many people / only way out lies through a major arterial / you remember when we talked about our beloved escape / a place without all the shuffle and scrape and lack of philanthropy / to where there's more trees than cars and leaves have been dried out by the sun / I'll spend this day in a reverie / I won't focus on anything / I don't have to / I don't feel the need / this the closet that I'll come to relief / but I'll be good / I promise to do better / some things are forgotten / other things matter / something else is always proving far too strong / I guess I'll remain a window gazer from now on
Track Name: Somnambulist
back and forth / west to east / across the sprawl / on the balls of her feet / in her arm / on her score card / it is bruising the company that you keep and try to keep losing / back and forth / the friend to meet / at the mall / on her phone / off peak / in her arm / on her score card / another try / it's a winning point
Track Name: Up Against The Fault
no call this morning / no sleep at all / not getting any answers searching through telephones / oh absence, take form / half cold in a king size dawn / breaking still despite the holding on / someone tell me, what am I doing wrong? / clothes I can throw away / hair I can cut strip or stain / moods I promise to turn like corners and get out of my own way / but on what chance can this stand? / with what, half a heart in some desperate plan / I don't know who it is I'm up against / someone tell me, where am I going wrong? / you're keeping me close and against and I think to a fault / I'll have to do something / each blazing morning / burns a little slow / is there something need telling? / some good that I'm not doing? / provide some helpful point upon which I could fall / or don't suggest anything / it's probably nothing / it's nothing if no one can see that there's anything wrong
Track Name: Write Us
lathered up and weepy / the informant told me / and none too sympathetic / that our run would turn / and standing sent to burn / in decisions, hard print and whatever / here they come to register / you might have to get in line and take a number / yeah we aim to please / missing the mark / fall over ourselves to bother / put out and steely / annoyed and chaining daisies / another quick sentence in passing / another judge and jury / it's been a misfortune investing / hasn't return been steady / complainants have been far and few between / the idiotic, close and many / please hold the line or try another number / yeah we may seem cold but it's just because we've been a little snowed under / you can't be serious / oh lord, and if you are / please don't ask the same of us
Track Name: The Cheat
it's almost a shock / this lint I keep dusting off / am I here? / am I being covered up? / and after being ripped out from the wall space i had found / small charm that I was for her / I suppose I had to wear off / see our errands slide and through traffic crawl / they're hers more than mine / if they are ever mine at all / but there's nothing I wouldn't do / no trouble ever too much / I'm as happy as a slave / as I can be in a bed apart / that's why I am here you understand / hold me, disenchanted as I am / what loyalty won't give me / I'm going to take whatever there is in hell I can / moralise / by all means philosophise / but if it's turning out to be a lengthy term with her / why say anything at all to here? / a small indiscretion? / is it s break in concentration? / I guess there's no nice way to need to say that it ever happened / I can be in this bed apart / was never here you understand / hold me, bastard that I am / what loyalty has got me / I'm going to get whatever there was in heaven she stopped giving me / look where loyalty has got me / why should nay pretence of a kind be worth keeping
Track Name: Welcome Paradox
cursing crimson walls / a thousand or so souls on the floor / shouldering away through strobe and intoxicated / having berated himself in the hall / and not for the last time / there's never a last time / he's waiting again for the inevitable flash of recognition / yelling in casual tones / I'll just go and say hello / strange things these obligations / strange things these invitations / it's never the last time, is it? / from what can you take your leave if the senses have been smashed to smithereens? / he'll have to cop this sweet / although there is nothing sweet about it / nothing at all